No two are the same

LWI BLUE is sourced from more than 130 metres below the surface at the base of Gunung Raya, a granite hill of about 881 metres and the highest point on the island.

The many layers of vegetation, rock, sand and soil play an important role in the natural water purification of LWI BLUE. This process can take millions of years but is worth waiting for to ensure it really is as pure as can be.

Mineral water is rich in minerals that help make our body operate more efficiently while feeding muscles and organs with important nutrients. No two mineral waters are the same. The geographical origin and ‘terroir’ or ground that it is filtered through is critical to the mineral composition and content of the water and this is what differentiates LWI BLUE from other waters.

Water is life’s elixir. Without it, we can’t survive. It’s the most common substance on earth but in it’s natural state, 97% of it is undrinkable.


LWI BLUE mineral water has numerous healthy minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphate and chloride. The unique combination of soil and granite found at the base of Gunung Raya has been filtering the water and imparting it’s precious minerals over hundreds of million of years.

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